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Victorian Escapade


Region: Northern Ireland & Eire
Categories: Clothing and Accessories, Other Activities, Tea Parties

Victorian Escapade offers a delightful mix of downstairs busyness and upstairs posh with our Downton Abbey themed Hen Parties.

On arrival, everyone dresses as servants to do some of the household chores, perhaps prepare a dessert, have a chamber pot race, set the table, light the fire under the watchful eye of the butler, with the emphasis very much on fun rather than work!

We then move to the dressing room and everyone changes attire to become lords and ladies before moving upstairs to the drawing room for some parlour games, a traditional dance and of course a few photos for the society pages.

We have costumes for everyone, both servants and gentry – and the dressing up alone is quite an event with laughter aplenty and we do have a wide range of costumes in all shapes and sizes!

We finish with afternoon tea in the dining room—where you have the honour of being the guests at a rather grand party.

Victorian Escapade can be found at:

Clonard House, Mullinger, Co. Westmeath

 Tel: 0469434135