Unleash the Showgirl!

Wednesday, 13 January, 2016

I love featuring real life hen parties - today's one is from Raye at Vintage Victory Rollers - and includes 50s makeovers, corsets and rouge lipstick - ooh lala! Over to Raye -

In the summer I got to host a hen party in a quaint village hall in Bishopstone, little did the village know what was going on in those four walls!

Terri wanted a hen party with a fun twist. We planned to give all the hens a pin up inspired make over and then they would have a burlesque taster class.

All of the ladies really got into it and dressed in corsets, fishnets and boas. Each hen had a 50s inspired updo with killer cat's eye flicks and rouge lips.

As with all hen parties there will always be people that are shy to the group or who don't know anyone - this was the best ice breaker!

The ladies' were taught showgirl walks, striptease and then the group had to create their own troupe act. All the ladies had fun and felt comfortable.

After the make overs and burlesque the ladies then all changed into their fabulous vintage inspired dresses and had a tea party.

I then styled the ladies for their 50s themed wedding and was honored to be invited to their evening do! Even on the wedding day they pulled out some of the burlesque poses!

You can find out more about Vintage Victory Rollers over on our Supplier Directory.


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