Keeping it in the hen house.

Monday, 16 May, 2016

Today we share another gorgeous real life hen party from the fabulous Raye at Vintage Victory Rollers.
As we pulled up to the gorgeous cottage for our hen party booking we were greeted by a very excitable hen! She told us that this was all a surprise and the Bride to Be had no idea we were coming. We walked up a grand staircase with our vintage suitcases and at the top of the stairs we were met with more of the hens! They'd all been instructed they couldn't get in the pool for a dip this morning and to keep dry.
Before we set up our workstations the group all gathered and the bride to be was given her surprise! She had been given a gorgeous vintage inspired dress to put on. She couldn't stop smiling and looked fabulous after her make over.
To get the hens in the mood they were sipping on fizz and watching the movie Hairspray. We styled Hen after Hen they then dashed off to get their glamorous outfits on.
They had a lovely day planned , extending it to a vintage style tea party and more families members flooded in.
I just love that they kept their whole hen weekend under one roof and had all their closet friends and family with them!
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