Stylish Hen Party Game Ideas

Wednesday, 4 November, 2015

Image credit: Daffodil Waves Photography

Image credit: Daffodil Waves Photography

Planning a stylish hen party is one thing but trying to avoid the plastic willy and L plate propoganda when sorting out hen party games, can be a lot trickier! Headaches aside I've trawled through previous hen party bookings and Pinterest to bring you some seriously stylish ways to entertain your hen group!

Tissue Dresses & Tossed Bouquets

Image credit: Daffodil Waves Photography

This awesome 50s inspired hen party was one I planned for a group in Bromsgrove a couple of years ago. The toilet tissue wedding dress game headed outside where bouquets were tossed and lots of laughter had!

Pin The Kiss on Ryan Gosling

Ah the easy on the eye Ryan Gosling - such an obvious choice to be included in a hen party game! Blindfolded try and pin the kiss on the lovely Ryan's lips!

Pass the (Pretty) Parcel

Wrap little treats in parcel paper with twine for a classic vintage look or add in some pretty papers to mix it up.

Bridal Bingo!

It's bingo but with a bridal twist! Download templates from the internet or why not make your own? Come up with a prize and then it's eyes down....

Bra Pong

This is actually a pretty neat idea and brings a bit of cheekiness into your hen party without it being tacky! It's really easy to make and just as simple to play - all you'll need are some ping pong balls and a good throw!

Dress Up

I love this! Pack an old hamper or vintage suitcase with a selection of clothes, petticoats and accessories and then snap yourselves all looking dressed up and glamorous! You could even add a 'Who am I?' guessing game and dress up as vintage icons!


Hope these have helped those creative juices to flow! For more hen party game ideas head on over to my Pinterest page.

Picture Credits - Via my Pinterest Board 


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