Mad (Wo) Men

Thursday, 19 May, 2011

I will often be given film and TV references from girls who are planning vintage hen parties and although Grease is often one that is asked for the most, one that seems to be cropping up more and more is Mad Man. Now for those of you who like the vintage look but don't always embrace it into your everyday life then TV and films can be a great starting point in defining a particular look and feel. This can be especially useful for you girls who are organising a hen party on behalf of a friend who has said they want a vintage inspired do but haven't given you any more to go on than that! So I have decided to do a bit of a Man Mad style guide for those of you who want or have been told to pull together a party within this style. And what a style....

mad-men-womenThey like the waisted shirt dress I think

For anyone who doesn't know - Mad Men is a TV show about an advertising agency set in the early sixties. Now although there are a lot of similarities to the styles seen in the fifties there are some differences to pay attention if you want to get that definitive early sixties look.


You will find that many of the dress shapes from the fifties were still popular with nipped in waists and A-line dresses still in fashion, which is great as there are a lot of these style dresses out there - both vintage and reproduction. The wiggle dress can also still be seen at this time. Suits became popular as Jackie Onassis' rise as a fashion icon of the decade saw women in short waisted jackets and pillbox hats. The shirtwaisted dress was also becoming popular at this time and remained so throughout the 1960s. Remember gloves were still an important fashion accessory at this time and you can find some beautiful ones if you fancy a rummage round some vintage clothing stores.


Hair and Make-Up

Think dramatic eyes heavy eye-shadow and false spiky eyelashes, with a hint of pink on the cheeks and pale lips. Put that red lippy away and reach for the pale pink, peaches and nudes. 

60s look makeup

Hair styles still retained some of the drama from the fifties but became slicker and less fussy, with the three main styles being the flip, the bouffant and the bob.

 Flip hair do

The flip was a style made popular by Mary Tyler Moore and involves large rollers and a quantity of hairspray!

Jackie Kennedy bouffant hair do

The bouffant was bit of a precursor to the beehive and was characterised by the hair being piled up on the top of the head with much teasing and backcombing to create lots of volume.

The bob came in later on in the sixties so I'm not going to dwell on that one too much but would be good for girls with shorter hair trying to get that sixties look.


Well I can't think of any advertising related activities for you so I think your going to have to settle for my next idea - COCKTAILS!

Gin martini cocktail

And I'm not talking cosmos I'm talking proper Martinis made with alcohol and alcohol, they didn't believe in diluting their spirits back in the sixties. How about doing a cocktail making class or just kicking back and letting someone else do all the work? Most big cities have at least one must visit cocktail bar, my advice would be to see if you can find someone who knows where you are going and make some suggestions as the ones you'll find on Google are all a bit naff. The cool ones are a bit harder to find but worth it (this is where Twitter is very useful).

Also if you are going to get dressed up, you know what I'm going to say, photoshoot. Find a local photographer as they are minds of info and will be able to suggest hair and make-up artists as well as locations to shoot and places to go in the evening. Plus you will have some amazing photos to remember your day by. If you need any help finding a local photographer try our supplier search or drop me an email and I'm sure I will be able to suggest someone.

I would love to see one of these Mad Men themed hen parties, they would be the epitome of cool, class and glamour!



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