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Monday, 12 December, 2011

I don't often get to feature many shoots outside of mainland Britain so I'm very pleased to be sharing something with you from Northern Ireland today. I was browsing the net the other week when I very happily stumbled on this shoot by photographer Brideen Baxter. The shoot was for burlesque troop the Whistle Bait Babies and what I LOVE about it is the gorgeous sixties styling. I'm really hoping for a bit of sixties revival over the next few years with programmes like Mad Men and Pan Am starting to bring the early sixties look to the populas and I'm a huge fan of the Bridget Bardot and Barberella looks. So for those of you who don't want the shabby-chic or fifties kitcsh look for your hen party, how about going for a bit of a sixties vibe? 

The Whistle Bait Babies also do classes for hen parties and Brideen assures me they are fabulous fun, so if you're having a hen party in Belfast drop them a line. 

Here's how to rock that Mod look (see what I did there......... never mind, over to the girls).

Whistle Bait Babies 7

Whistle Bait Babies 4 Whistle Bait Babies 6

Whistle Bait Babies 15

Whistle Bait Babies 23

Whistle Bait Babies 21

I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration to give the sixties look a go. 

Photography: Brideen Baxter - Photography by Brideen
Hair: Vintage Rocks Belfast -
Make-Up: Paula Fraser -
Models: Whistle Bait Babies aka Pixie, Ruby and Misty:


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