So what's a Murder Mystery Hen Do?

Thursday, 30 June, 2016

We love a hen party activity that's unusual - something totally fun and unique. Smoke & Mirrors do just that with their murder mystery hen parties and here they share some of the common questions they're asked about what it is they can do for your hen do.

‘So what do Smoke & Mirrors do?’

Everything to do with the murder mystery. We send along brilliant actors with a script especially prepared for you, using information you’ve supplied. We bring key props, clues and prizes of fizz & chocolates. All you have to do is dress up and enjoy yourselves!

‘We'd like a vintage theme to our Murder Mystery Party – what can you do?’

Just tell us what you want and we can do it. As well as the more usual 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s themes we’ve done Swinging Sixties, Hollywood Musicals, ‘Murder She Wrote’, Western, Sci-Fi and more. Not a problem!

‘Do we need an expensive venue?’

No! Some of the most relaxed and successful events have been in people’s own homes. Of course, where you have your event is up to you and hotels, restaurants and holiday cottages are all popular choices. Last year we even entertained a hen party at a windmill and a group on a boat!

‘Do we have to have a formal meal?’

No. We’ve worked around hog roasts, gourmet dinners, takeaways, pizza & prosecco, tea parties – even no food at all. It’s your event and it’s up to you. We’re flexible.

‘Will there be time for other activities too?’

Yes, of course – before or after, it’s your day! A lot of our events run from 7.30pm till about 10.30pm but start times and the overall duration of the event are both flexible. If you want a teatime event, a makeover first, a night out afterwards – no problem!

‘Do there have to to be lots of guests?’

Not at all – although there’s no upper limit, the sensible minimum for a Smoke & Mirrors hen party is ten guests. If you want a big party though that's fine - we've even had the occasional male guest!

‘Will everyone feel involved?’

Oh yes! Everyone has a part to play but don’t worry - it’s designed to be fun! The parts aren’t huge so you don’t have to be an actress (although you may be!) but you’re invited to be as over-the top as you like – and that goes for costumes too.

You can find out more about Smoke & Mirrors over on our Supplier Directory


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