The B word

Wednesday, 20 April, 2011

Today I want to talk to you about the B word, no I don't mean 'bride' I mean 'budget'. This is a word that can strike fear into the hearts for most brides-to-be for a whole lotta reasons but when it comes to organising your hen party you can sometimes feel like a referee trying to balance the demands of your friends against what you want to get out it. The thought of it can sometimes send you screaming for the hills.


I asked a question on Twitter and Facebook the other day to ask what people would expect to pay per head for a hen weekend and the responses ranged from £35-£200. Now that's a big difference and how are you supposed to organised a hen party to please everyone if you're a £200 girl and your friends are thinking more along the lines of the £35 line?

The best thing you can do is start planning early and talking to your friends about what you want to do and how much you all think is reasonable. Contacting people two months before the hen party demanding £150 will at best annoy people and at worst leave you with no one else on your hen party. Your hen party could well end up costing this and possibly more,but if people have the chance the save then they are more likely to be happy to pay. Also try and pay in instalments, many suppliers will want deposits but you could set up a kitty or bank account that people can pay into so all the money is there when you have to pay off the balances. That way people can save the money and it won't be so difficult for those people on a tight budget.

You have to be realistic though, if you want a vintage hen party then £35 per person will probably get you a tea party at a free venue and food but probably not a lot else. If you want to go away then you are going to have to budget at least £50 for accommodation alone.

Vintage gals will probably have a few lovely bits of clothing in your wardrobes but having to find outfits will be an added cost for any friends who aren't fellow vintage lovers (I have little sympathy for them...kidding). But it's something to consider.

I have put together a budget guide for vintage hen parties - this is approximates and is only a guide

Accommodation£50 – £100 per person
Workshops£35 – £70 per person
Tea Parties£5 – £25 per person
Photographers£100 (pictures will usually cost extra)
Hair and Make-up£25 – £50 person
Entertainment£20 – £35 person
Food and drink£60 person


So realistically your looking at £250 a head and I haven't included things like transport or clothing and accessories but don't forget to include these in your budget.

So can you make everyone happy? Probably not but remember that it will be their turn one day and then you can throw the hissy fit.

I hope this has been useful.

Tattybojangles x


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