Stop Press!!!!!

Wednesday, 13 July, 2011

Ok so maybe that title is a bit dramatic but I'm just a teeny bit excited as today I got to see the Vintage Hen House mentioned in print in an actual wedding magazine!!!! (the exclamation mark police will be after me now but who cares).

A little while ago I had a request from Kat Williams (of Rock 'n Roll Bride fame) for any ideas I may have for more stylish, cool and classy hen parties for an article she was writing for Wed Magazine. Well as I have a bit of experince in that area I was more than happy to help and fired over a few ideas and one or two (hundred) vintage and alternative hen party suppliers (sorry Kat for the monster list, I can't pick my favs).

So when I had an email today from Kat with the article and saw The Vintage Hen House all credited in actual print on actual paper I got a bit excited. A few of you have asked me about it on Twitter and I though this would be the best way to show you and make sure that everyone gets a proper credit.

And here it is..... ta da!


and if you don't have super sight here it is so you can see it.


So I want to say massive thanks to Kat and Wed Magazine for giving me a massive smilie face today. And I expect all of you to now go out and buy a copy just to remember this momentous occasion.


Tattybojangles xx


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