Rock a multi-colour outfit without looking tacky.

Friday, 17 June, 2016


Just like we believe a hen party doesn't have to make you cringe - neither does your outfit. Loud bright florescent colours are often associated with hen groups but wearing these colours doesn't have to make you look tacky! Here Janet from online vintage clothing boutique Lucilles, shows you how to rock a multi colour look with style for your hen party.

When it comes to picking clothes there is one thing that worries ladies whether they love vintage or modern styles. That is how to mix up a variety of colours in one outfit whilst trying hard not to look like you have rolled around in an assortment of paints before leaving the house!

So how do you do it? How can you bring together bright and vibrant shades without clashing? Let us show you how.

Colours that work well together

When it comes to rocking the colourful look there are some combinations out there that have already shown to be the perfect partnership. 

Yellow and turquoise is a sure fire way to brighten up any day. Hot pink and purple are the perfect feminine combination and you will never feel blue if you mix royal blue with electric! These are just some of the combinations that we already know work really well together, so as well as trying these why not see what ones work for you. 


If you are feeling nervous about matching the right shades in your outfit, then why not use accessories as your colourful addition instead. Pick one single colour for your outfit and work around that. Why not go for a bold red dress and then wear some wonderfully bright yellow shoes and a yellow handbag to match? 

Make up

Another great way to add colour without it being part of your outfit is with your makeup. Gone are the days when colourful eyeliner and gloss was an accessory for clowns, instead be bold and go for purple eyeliner or a bright pink lip gloss to make a style statement that compliments your little black dress. 

Or if you are short of time and still want to make an impression, you can always opt for brightly coloured nails that work with your outfit of choice. 

A word of warning

We love the idea of bringing together three or four colours in one fantastically bright outfit, but there is a limit to how many colours of the rainbow that you can wear at once. We think that anything more than 4 different shades in one outfit is putting you at risk of being a technicolor nightmare and should be approached with caution! 

That is unless you have a rainbow theme, then we say go for it!

There you have it, there is a way that you can embrace your colourful side without looking like Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat! So get out there ladies and give your wardrobe a rainbow overhaul; brighten up your life as well as your clothes with style! If you're looking for a great and affordable dry cleaning service before you don your dress, check out the Amersham dry cleaners.

You can find Lucilles over on our Supplier Directory.


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