Put some mystery into your hen party.

Tuesday, 8 March, 2016


You’ve found the perfect venue, invited your very best friends and have planned a delicious meal and plenty of cocktails, but what about entertainment?  The key to a good hen party is making sure that everyone feels relaxed and involved and this is where having help from the professionals comes into its own.

It may be that the only person the hens all know is the bride-to-be, so breaking the ice and getting everyone relaxed and chatting is vital to a successful party.

Hosting a Murder Mystery party is a great way to ensure your party goes with a bang and the team at Country House Murder Mysteries have been creating amazing events for over fifteen years.  Hosted by mystery-writing amateur sleuth Miss Mapletree, each event is unique but always funny and entirely interactive.

But what does a Murder Mystery Party involve? Creator and award-winning actor Gavin Gordon explains:

"Your evening begins with Miss Mapletree and her assistant arriving ‘in character' to host your party.  Guests are each given a role to play and the storyline unfolds in real-time throughout the evening.  This means that you get to witness the murders, find and examine clues and have a really good laugh along the way!  Miss Mapletree has many interesting stories to tell and if you are lucky, you may even be presented with a jar of her homemade strawberry jam, all the way from her home village of Pokeingham-Softly-on-the-Wold…’

These events are very much about fun; no serious acting is involved and the team are expert at creating an eccentric world of vintage murder mystery fun.  The murder mystery usually runs over dinner and doesn’t require a stage or performance area, meaning it’s perfect entertainment whether you’re holding your hen party in a quaint cottage or large manor house.

Fancy dress isn’t essential, but we think it makes the evening more fun and with so many great suppliers able to provide you with fabulous period hairstyles and outfits, why not go all out and dress the part too?"

Country House Murder Mysteries supply everything you need, including background music and props, clues and prizes and they do everything possible to make planning, booking and hosting your Hen Night Murder Mystery as easy and enjoyable as possible. You can find them over on our Supplier Directory.







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