Hen parties - Not your last night of freedom

Sunday, 25 September, 2011

So here you are, a month away from getting married, you’ve spent thousands of pounds on creating your perfect day with the person you love, so to celebrate this special event with your friends you clearly need one of these Hmmmm, maybe not. But the hen party industry is flooded with this type of thing and to me this whole ‘last night of freedom’ idea is archaic and has nothing to do with modern life. So why have hen party suppliers been allowed to rest on their penis straw laurels for so long?

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Over the last 20 years the hen party industry has boomed - going from a few drinks down the pub with your mates, to weeks away in foreign countries costing hundreds of pounds. But as far as I can see pretty much the whole industry has been built on a foundation of plastic penises and pink fluffy L-Plates. This idea that your hen (or stag) is your last night of freedom and should spend it draped in plastic tack, to identify yourself as trying to have that last ditch snog (or worse) before you get married is concept that baffles me. If this is honestly the case, then you probably shouldn’t be getting married in the first place. Now that last statement may be construed as controversial but there is no way I would personally have kissed another man on my hen night (or any other night for that matter) as I loved my fiancé (now husband) far too much for that.

So the cynic in me asks the question ‘then is all this willy stuff actually about the bride’? Sometimes I feel that hen parties are about attracting attention for other members of the group as much as it is about the bride-to-be. By donning a sash and flashing headband announcing you’re on a hen party is tantamount to coating yourself in pheromone spray and waiting for the drunken hoards of men to come running. Now most guys I know will do anything to avoid hen parties but you’ve seen the gangs of lads who instantly make a bee-line for hen parties knowing that they are more likely to get lucky. These are usually the lads you would made every effort to avoid on a normal night out but hen parties seem to mean a universal lowering of the standards.

But willy straws and L-Plates are not the only way – I was considering trying to re-brand the site and come up with a different name for the hen parties I will shortly be offering a planning service for, but then I thought ‘ why should I’? Why can’t I take the term ‘hen party’ and make it mean something else? Now I’m not claiming that I can rid the world of the tacky hen party as Hen House parties are not for everyone but there is enough room for some diversification.

I get a lot of searches on the site for ‘non-tacky hen party accessories’ and variations on that and I have been on the lookout for items to recommend to parties who want something a bit different with a bit more class. I’m slowly building up a base and I’m hoping to create a page on the new site listing these finds (if you have a product you think I should know about let me know). So I know that there is a demand for a different type of party.

So to all of you out there planning hen parties I ask you to think about the person you are planning the party for -

Are you giving her a party that SHE wants?

Does it reflect her individually and what she means to you?

Will it be something she can look back on and smile? If you can answer 'yes' to all of the above your probably on the right tracks, if not then you might need to reflect on your motivations. 

You hen night is not your last night of freedom, it is the start of something wonderful and believe me it has nothing to do with willy straws!


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