Happy Heninversary

Monday, 18 April, 2011

Ever since the site launched so many people have told me what a good idea it is and they would love to have had a vintage hen party but they didn't get the chance and now they are married. But that doesn't mean your chance to have the perfect hen party is gone. So today I'm inventing a whole new thing............THE HENIVERSARY!

happy henniversary

Yes world I bring you the Heniversary, this is the hen party you can have AFTER you are married!

There may have been a million reasons why you didn't get the hen party you wanted - your friends didn't listen to you, you didn't have that much money to spend, you didn't know what the other options were or you were on 'Don't Tell the Bride'. But this doesn't have to stop you from creating the party you really wanted.

Once you are married and there are kids in the picture the time you get to spend with your friends seems less and less and this would be the perfect opportunity to get together. It doesn't have to be on the exact date of your hen party but you get the idea.

You and your friends can create a simple or, totally lavish vintage inspired affair. Giving you time to catch up and relax with out the trappings of the traditional hen party. Unlike birthday parties this is a girls only event, without the men moaning they are missing the football or the kids pulling at your legs.

If your first hen party wasn't your perfect night or you just want an excuse for a party then you should seriously consider a heniversary party.

It could be a tea party

Tea PartyTea Party

A make-over and photo shoot

Photoshootphoto credit: Adrian Billingham

A weekend away

Weekend awayPhoto credit: Sarah Gawler

Or a cocktail party

Cocktail partyPhoto credit: Lee Allen Photography

You can have the perfect hen party and you don't have to get re-married to do it.

Tattybojangles x


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