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Friday, 13 May, 2011

I like a challenge, so I decided to try and offer up the sophisticated vintage alternative weekend for a favourite UK hen destination and after a few suggestions from my Twitter followers I picked that perennial hen favourite Blackpool. I told you I wanted a challenge! If you want to challenge me for a similar article in future, vote for the next destination on the poll to the right.

 Vintage Blackpool beach

Now Blackpool isn’t exactly known for glamour and sophistication but I’m determined to find you a bit of vintage everywhere.

So I’ll start with accommodation and if you are looking for true vintage there are a plenty of bed and breakfasts in Blackpool that look like they haven’t been decorated since 1965 but I have tried to find you a few places that are a bit more sophisticated.

For a cater option you could opt for one of the following:

Number One South Beach

Four Rooms

Big Blue Hotel

Howarth House Hotel

cbhw145b11Big Blue Hotel

silver-yellow-bedroomHowarth House

room11Number One South Beach

Or if you are going self catering try one of these:

The Beach House

Burbage Holidays

Barnacre Cottages

cottages_exteriorsBarnacre Cottage

If you do decide to go self catering this opens up the options of having a tea-party and/or craft lesson, where you can get a company to come to you and provide you with crockery, cakes and some even do the washing up. If you would like to do this there are a few companies that cover the North-West.


All Wrapped Up Events

Itsy Bitsy Vintage

Little Teapots

Tea and Thee

If you fancy a workshop you could do cake decorating with Rainbow Delicious

Or how about a craft workshop with Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

dsc02524Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

How about a bit of vintage styling from J’dore Vintage

But if you fancy going out why not try ice cream from Notarianni Ice Cream or afternoon at the Victorian Tea Rooms or the ultimate in vintage Blackpool the Tower Ballroom

pnw__1280135897_blackpool_tower_ballroom2Tower Ballroom

If you fancy doing something a bit saucy the Nude Life offer life drawing classes in Blackpool and also nationwide and across Europe. You can also catch a burlesque show somewhere in Blackpool during the summer season if you want to watch someone else do all the work.

Oh and don't forget the photographer, try Raw Photography

Now Blackpool you did beat me when it came to finding a sophisticated bar for the evening but you could try Septembers champagne bar. My solution would be get dressed up in your best vintage dresses, bring the glamour with you and make the bars look good!

Now I’m not going to suggest that if you want a vintage hen party you choose to have it in Blackpool but sometimes you have to balance what your friends want at what you want and this might offer a few compromises. And if I can do it for Blackpool you can do it for anywhere.

I hope you liked today’s post and people of Blackpool I mean no disrespect to your town at all. If you do like it, please vote for the next destination on the options to the right, and I come up with a hen party plan for there next time.

Love Tattybojangles x


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