Beachy keen

Monday, 4 April, 2011

Since the clocks changed last week the lighter evenings can't help but make me think that summer is definitely on it's way and with it wedding season (woohoo).

So if you're are planning a coastal trip for your hen party, you can vintage it up with a gorgeous swimsuit from British company For Luna.

Beach huts

If you fancy a hen party abroad you couldn't go far wrong with one of these costumes, sunning yourself on the French riviera (they serve cocktails on the beach in Nice, I can thoroughly recommend).


Even if you don't make it abroad this shoot by Sarah Gawler in Brighton shows you how you can bring some vintage glamour to the British seaside. Why not try out a Brighton hen party life drawing class too

Tattybojangles x

Photographer - Sarah Gawler
Model - Jess Edwards
Hair - Nate Gooding
Makeup - Adjhani Barton


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