9 reasons to put on your dancing shoes!

Friday, 8 July, 2016

A vintage dance class is not only an entertaining option for your hen party but it's a great way to get everyone involved! If you still need convincing, the wonderful Brighton Boogie have put together 9 reasons why you should put on those dancing shoes!

1. It’s fun!

Starting your day with a fun activity that the whole party can get involved in will really set the mood for the celebrations ahead.  There will be plenty of giggles guaranteed during the lesson!

2. It’s an ice breaker!

It’s a great way for your friends and family to get to know each other before the wedding and the lesson can act as an ice breaker if your guests haven’t met before.  You’ll all be working together as a team to perform the final routine so there’ll be a fun atmosphere from the start.

3. Anyone can do it!

It’s suitable for everyone, from your little sister to Grandma - our dance lessons really do cater for your group's ability. First time dancers, those who think they've got two left feet, and experienced dancers can all enjoy the routine so there’s no need for anyone to feel left out.

4. It’s a chance to dress up!  

Whilst it’s completely optional, dressing the part can add some fun to the occasion.  Try a fringed dress and feather bower for a 20s Flapper Girl routine, or a some high waisted trousers and a cute blouse for a 40s pin-up look, or how about a circle skirt with petticoats for a 50s rock ’n’ roll theme? Whatever your theme, why not go full out and look the part?  We can help you with ideas and even provide props for some lessons.

5. You can choose how many take part!

There’s almost no limit to the number of girls that can join in - venue permitting of course! From an intimate party to a full chorus line, you can have exactly who you want with you.

6. You can surprise your wedding guests with a performance! 

We always allow plenty of time for our hens to take photos and film the routine so it’s easy to remember the choreography. Why not perform the routine for your wedding guests? 

7. It’s good for your health!

There’s no doubt about it; dancing is good for us mentally and physically.  And with a bit of exercise, you don’t need to worry about all the goodies you'll have later!

8. Experience something new!

If you’ve never been to a vintage dance lesson before, perhaps you’ll discover a hidden talent for the Charleston or a great sense of rhythm that you never knew you had (great for one of our tap dance hen parties). Maybe you’ll find you have a flair for creating that perfect vintage look or that a whole new world of vintage music will open up to you.

9. It’s fun!

Oh.  Did we mention that already?!

You can find out more about Brighton Boogie and their brilliant vintage hen party dance classes over on our Supplier Directory.


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